Children’s poetry

I have posted here a small selection of ecopoems from children involved in four workshops held in 2010.  The children are from years 5 and 6 of Sandringham and West Newton Primary, Blenheim Park Primary, Stibbard All Saints Primary, and Howard Junior schools.  It has been my pleasure to work with these children and their teachers, and the following poems are testament to their enthusiasm, engagement, application, and creativity.  The children have created true ecopoetry – poetry not simply on the theme of ‘nature’, but which investigates, in form and in theme, the relationships between the natural and cultural world, between language and perception, between all living things.  As such, these poems serve not only as the results of active lessons, but as lessons themselves. CG

‘The Senses of Nature’

A class ecopoem by the children in year 5, Sandringham and West Newton Primary School


I saw the reflection of the canopy of leaves

I saw life beneath my feet

Miniature like a seed

Flowers like sunshine

Grass as green as an emerald

The sky as blue as the vast sea

The leaf that I smelt, smelt sweet

Like honey

The flower that I smelt, smelt like

Strong spices

The fresh grass I smelt was

Like a new birth

The smell in the wood was fresh.

My hand smelt of mint when I rubbed it.

The earth smell makes me relaxed.

I heard bees buzzing around

Swerving like a snake

I heard birds tweeting

While flying with the gentle breeze

I heard the wind whistling

Through the leaves

As slow as a snail

The bees buzzing through the trees

The lawnmower disturbing the peace

The sound of nothing at lunch time

The sound of children laughing

The plane sounded like a roaring lion

And the water sounded as fresh as spring.

The wind whistles though the trees

I heard the sound of buzzing bees

The mower disturbs the sound of nature

I can almost hear a beautiful picture

I heard the sound of a shouting crow.

The petal was as soft as silk.

The bark was as rough as rhino skin.

The stone was as cold as ice.

I touched nature today, including leaves

Spiky like lichen

Soft as cool petals.

(In order: Yasmin, Robert, Callum, Chloe, James, Megan, Lucy, Tom, Hollie)


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